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Monday for plotting to kill a rival gang member on the steps of the Calgary courthouse. FOB gangster Trong Minh Nguyen was convicted of conspiracy to murder FK member Vinh Tung Truong. I wish you good luck,” said Justice Beth Hughes when delivering her sentencing decision. Earlier this year, Trong Minh Nguyen, 35, was convicted of conspiracy to murder Vinh Tung Truong in 2012, first at a cemetery and then at the Calgary Courts Centre. Nguyen, sending someone to jail isn’t something judges enjoy doing,” said Hughes. I truly hope you will continue with your rehabilitation that you’ve started. Nguyen was released from prison in 2011 after serving part of a six-year sentence for shooting Truong. The next year he decided to try again. One of Nguyen’s associates — a confessed murderer who can only be identified as AB because of a publication ban — was working with police at the time and told investigators of the plan to kill Truong in retaliation for the murder of a rival gang member. Two others were originally charged with conspiracy to murder Truong but were found not guilty after trial.

Nguyen wants to stay on ‘right track’During a sentencing hearing last month, Nguyen told Hughes he wanted “to stay on the right track: stay away from crime, criminals, and be a contributing member of society. Nguyen has been out on bail for more than two years and his family is now living in another province as part of an effort to get him away from his past lifestyle. Until today, he was working for his family’s business. The judge found Nguyen had done no socializing or participated in any leisure activities and had no friends. Prosecutor Adam May had originally proposed a 15-year prison sentence while defence lawyer Adriano Iovinelli suggested the time Nguyen has already served plus three years probation would be appropriate. We could soon upload dashcam evidence directly to police, but are we ready for what that means? Meghan Grant is the courts and crime reporter for CBC Calgary. Closed Captioning and Described Video is available for many CBC-TV shows offered on CBC Gem. Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the UK TV series. Wish Me Luck is a British television drama about the exploits of British women undercover agents during the Second World War.

Wish Me Luck is similar to Tenko and the 1970s BBC drama Secret Army, in that it deals with strong female characters coping under extreme conditions in wartime. The series also addressed social issues and divisions under wartime conditions. A great deal of attention was also paid to creating the social context of the operatives, the drama of their work, against the backdrop of an intensely detailed local “colour” in both wartime Britain and France. The third and final series which was based on the 1944 Vercors rebellion saw Jane Snowden joined by Catherine Schell, Jeremy Nicholas and, in one of her first television roles, Shirley Henderson. There were 23 episodes in all . The first series was directed by Gordon Flemyng, the second and third series by Bill Hays. In Episode 2, Matty has returned to Stepney and the factory, but Cad is regretting rejecting her since their recruitment pool is dwindling. Liz is now at the final stage of training, and Matty makes the most of her second chance by being top of the class. Maurice directs Colin to the docks and Liz and Matty to Kit Vanston’s hidout. Claudine is running a makeshift library and making herself as pleasant as she can to Krieger.

By Episode 5, the strain of being behind enemy lines is starting to tell. Cad is informed of a British operation planned for Brague which his operatives will be expected to support. Matty, bored and frustrated, recklessly dyes her hair a conspicuous red. When Liz is taken ill Claudine takes her place passing information to Matty. Cad offers her a job in London since she will not be going back to France and asks her to brief Nigel Piggott, codename Alain, the sabotage expert who is to replace her in Area 3. In Episode 7, Matty is imprisoned and brought before Krieger for interrogation. Krieger knows about her codename, role, and even about Cad. Matty refuses to cooperate, avoiding Krieger’s attempts to trap her into giving information about the other agents. However, she can’t resist gloating that Celeste is safe in England, belying Claudine’s continued attempts to convince Krieger that Liz is innocent. Episode 8 opens with scenes of Matty being tortured.

Krieger intervenes, knowing that he can only save his own career by getting Matty’s confession himself. Later, Krieger’s commanding officer makes it clear that Krieger must deliver from Matty the name of the leading British agent in the area or else. Liz arrives back at Claudine’s and quickly realises Claudine betrayed Matty. Series 2 opens in Autumn 1943 with the execution by firing squad of three members of ‘The Outfit’ in South-Western France. Colin fractures his ankle in the drop. Colin is in shock at the beginning of Episode 3. Vivien and Gordon hastily get rid of the milicienne’s body. Emily’s pregnancy is confirmed, much to Cad’s fury, but she decides to have an abortion so as to continue her work. Episode 4 see Liz arrive in Area 7 where she immediately sets about tightening security.

wish luck to you