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Wish good luck to me

Good fortune can effortless flow into your hands by simply adapting feng shui rules that bestow an almost magical effect. Here are a few things to incorporate in your interiors whether you have a traditional or modern home, and delight in good luck throughout the year ahead! Fresh Flowers Not only will you feel relaxed with nature’s touch and the beautiful ambiance of blooming fresh flowers, but you will soon be welcoming good luck as if money grows on trees! Pick some bright colors right from your garden and set a vase or jar upon your center table, or place them by the windowsill and laden with your handpicked favorites or maybe lovely roses. Properly Arranged Furniture It is believed that having your living room furniture properly arranged in a circular formation encourages a smoother flow of energy. In the bedroom, good energy is thought to be attracted more if you have it strategically placed diagonally from the bedroom door. You should be able to sit with your back to the wall right when you wish to relax. Charmed by Elephants Elephants are widely renowned as well to be a foretoken of good luck as huge as they can be, and is also a symbol of wisdom and strength in some cultures. These animals can be deemed gentle giants for being one of the most caring and protective animals on earth.

Images of fascinating pachyderms look great in almost any room, and even just the tiniest cute elephant figurines can serve as good luck charms and help in giving you and your family added protection. Decorate with Bamboo Bamboo is heralded throughout the globe as one of the most remarkable good luck charms in a feng shui home. It’s a hydroponic kind of plant that holds the ability to bring peace and luck, better mood and productivity anywhere you place it. This plant also serves the purpose of being a durable and decorative barrier in gardens and walkways. Declutter One of the easiest feng shui rules you can follow is removing clutter in your home’s entryway. This does not entail you to add anything at all, nor make big changes or a spectacular makeover, but you just have to pick things up and keep them off the floor. Stay organized and keep things where they should be.

You will find yourself more comfortable too, and able to think clearly with a nice and neat space to move about. Burn Incense The common types of incense sticks utilized for a cleansing burn are rosemary and sandalwood. The air in your home will smell divine with burning incense, wherein the smoke clears the negativity that lingers in the surroundings. Instead, it welcomes positive energy and creates a cozy ambiance with some soft light and love, lots of blessings and a shower of good luck! A citrus bowl of pomegranates or delicious grapes look quite tempting. It can be placed in the home to ward off bad luck, rather attract prosperity and positive energy. These Chinese symbols for fertility can enhance sexual health. They signify abundance as well and promote general health when set in the kitchen, which is a symbol of wealth in itself in feng shui rules.

Hang a Horseshoe Many cultures consider the horseshoe very lucky and can bring good fortune to any home when placed above the door. Some people believe that pointing it upward can ensure that luck won’t ever run out, while others think that facing it downward can bestow desirable good fortune on whoever passes right through the doorway. Have a Koi Pond A koi pond on one’s property is regarded as one of the most powerful of feng shui rules, symbolizing wealth, a happy relationship, and good fortune. If a pond is not feasible for your budget, then you may decorate with vibrant paintings of koi swimming or various other decors and accents featuring the majestic fish can also bring luck, wealth and a happy marriage. Melina Divani is the owner and creator of Decoholic. Interior Design is her infinite passion without stop. We send out our lovely email newsletter with useful decorating tips and ideas. Thousands of readers have signed up already. Why don’t you sign up, too?

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