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Win competition prize

win competition prize

You made a typo in the request, e. Please contact your webmaster if you are not sure what goes wrong. The winning play will be selected by the series’ current judge, Ayad Akhtar. This contest is restricted to plays written in the English language. Submissions must be original, unpublished full-length plays written in English. Translations, musicals, adaptations, and children’s plays are not accepted. The Yale Drama Series is intended to support emerging playwrights. Playwrights may win the competition only once. Playwrights may submit only one manuscript per year.

Only manuscripts authored by one playwright are eligible. Plays that have been professionally produced or published are not eligible. Plays that have had a workshop, reading, or non-professional production or that have been published as an actor’s edition will be considered. Plays may not be under option, commissioned, or scheduled for professional production or publication at the time of submission. The Yale Drama Series reserves the right to reject any manuscript for any reason. The Yale Drama Series reserves the right of the judge to not choose a winner for any given year of the competition and reserves the right to determine the ineligibility of a winner, in keeping with the spirit of the competition, and based upon the accomplishments of the author. The Yale Drama Series Competition strongly urges electronic submission. By electronically submitting your script, you will receive immediate confirmation of your successful submission and the ability to check the status of your entry.

Electronic submissions for the 2019 competition must be submitted no earlier than June 1, 2018 and no later than August 15, 2018. The submission window closes at midnight EST. If you are submitting your play electronically, please omit your name and contact information from your manuscript. The manuscript must begin with a title page that shows the play’s title, a 2-3 sentence keynote description of the play, a list of characters, and a list of acts and scenes. The Yale Drama Series Competition strongly urges applicants to submit their scripts electronically, but if that is impossible, we will accept hardcopies. Submissions for the 2019 competition must be postmarked no earlier than June 1, 2018 and no later than August 15, 2018. 2-3 sentence keynote description of the play, a list of characters, and a list of acts and scenes. Do not bind or staple the manuscript. Do not send the only copy of your work. Manuscripts cannot be returned after the competition.

If you wish receipt of your manuscript to be acknowledged, please include an email address on your title page or a stamped, self-addressed postcard. Send the manuscript to Yale Drama Series, P. Box 209040, New Haven, CT 06520-9040. For a chance to win, all you have to do is solve our prize crossword in this week’s issue of Waitrose Weekend, and the shaded squares will spell out the prize word, which has a food-related theme. Select your prize word from the list below and click enter. Closing date for the competition is Tuesday 8 January 2019. It’s a quick and easy way to shop that saves you time. Online you can easily find all our latest money saving offers in one place – perfect for topping up on your regular household or heavy items.

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win competition prize