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What is good night and good luck about

The most unabashedly political film of the year this year must surely be Good Night, and Good Luck. Shot in black and white, Good Night, and Good Luck actually opens on October 25, 1958, with Murrow receiving an award from the Radio Television News Directors Association. His acceptance speech is not all warm and fuzzies, though. He criticizes society’s allergy to disturbing information, and he decries the use of television to distract, delude, amuse, and insulate. Good Night, and Good Luck is director and co-writer George Clooney’s effort to show how television can instead be a powerful tool against ignorance, intolerance and indifference. It all begins with a small event. The Navy kicks out a sailor named Milo Radulovich for being an alleged security risk. Apparently he was caught with one of his father’s Serbian newspapers. Radulovich, questioning the lack of due process. Not only can’t Clooney be accused of distorting history, but the well integrated technique lends to the film a documentary reality that makes it all the more authoritative and engrossing.

None of this would work without Stathairn. Though unheralded, Strathairn has long been an exemplary character actor. In this, his most prominent lead role to date, Strathairn is riveting. There’s no shadow of doubt why Clooney made Good Night, and Good Luck. There’s no shadow of doubt that he intends the film to speak out against the demise of investigative journalism today. There’s no shadow of doubt that he wants to indirectly attack the Bush Administration as well. The film might feel politically heavy handed as a result, and some of Clooney’s cinematic techniques a bit precious, but what does it matter when the story can stand alone so strongly? In his weekly opinion column, Harold Evans looks at the state of television in the US, and doesn’t like what he sees. Ed Murrow of America’s CBS Network Radio always opened his World War II broadcasts with that purposeful hesitation. There was nothing hesitant though about his journalism though as movie audiences will see this season in the forthcoming George Clooney movie, Good Night and Good Luck.

It is Paley, a one-time cigar manufacturer, who after the war valiantly absorbs the initial financial losses when Murrow decides to try the new medium of television that he has affected to despise. Yet TV came of age with a Murrow show, a documentary series called See It Now. It made its debut in November 1951. It was the product of a partnership of paradoxes. Its immediate success produced a tectonic shift in America’s TV culture as commercial rivals copied. Paley first shunted See It Now to an unfavourable time slot, and then killed it altogether. The golden era of documentary television was over.

I remember years later asking Fred Friendly about. The BBC may edit your comments and not all emails will be published. Your comments may be published on any BBC media worldwide. Would you watch a play all on your own? What now for Paul the eight-limbed oracle? 17,029 pages were read in the last minute. And so we come to the meat of the blog. Is the movie Good Night and Good Luck historically accurate? Well the short is answer is yes. But what about the little things?

It indeed appears that shortly after Murrow’s scoop on Radulovich’s situation with the Air Force, Rodulavich was reinstated. The program outlined the elements of the case, casting doubt on the Air Force’s decision, and within a short while, Milo Radulovich had been reinstated. After doing some research about the site above, it appears that some false information was given regarding Radulovich’s story. For example, this source states that Radulovich’s mother and sister were accused of being involved with communists. Radulovich had been discharged from the Air Force on the grounds that his mother and sister were communist sympathizers. In fact, it was Radulovich’s father and sister who were involved. This is rather amusing, as it appears that in this case, Hollywood was more accurate then some other sources one could look to. It took some time but in the end we found a reliable source of information for this question. So how long did it really take for Radulovich to get reinstated. Radulovich was reinstated one month after the broadcast.