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Visa lottery dates

visa lottery dates

USAGC organization thanks you for expressing your interest in our services. If you are already a USAGC client, please expect an email with your GCLE login information in the next few days. Such Visas are made available to persons from countries that have historically low rates of immigration to the United States. A random and computer-generated drawing determines who can enter through the program. Visas are selected based on a regional basis, where countries that have sent fewer immigrants in the past 5 years receive more visas. Countries in Africa and Europe currently receive the greatest amount of visas in the lottery program. Each year more than 50, 000 applicants are selected for the lottery program, in order to account for those that are unable to pursue the visa.

Even if selected, some individuals are ineligible to obtain a visa, and thus being selected for the program does not guarantee that you will obtain the visa. The most common reason for being ineligible after selected is a lack of a high school diploma, or two years of work experience in a job that requires at least two years of training. Important Dates: The Diversity Visa 2016 program dates will be released soon. The filing period will be held on around October 2014 to November 2014, lasting 30 days. Applicants for the 2014 DV lottery are able to check the status of their application through June 30th 2014. Check the status of your application online at www. Entrants must have at least a high school education or its equivalent, or at least two years of work experience, in the past five years, in a job that requires at least two years of training or experience.

Is there a green card lottery Application Fee? No, there is no green card lottery application fee. If however, you are selected to win the green card lottery, you must pay a processing fee. An attorney may be hired to review and submit your application. Each year, millions of green card lottery applications are rejected due to  not following the application guidelines. Do I need an attorney to apply for the Green Card Lottery? Each year, millions of applications are rejected due to not following the guidelines set by the Department of State. Can I apply for the green card lottery outside of the United States? Yes, you may submit an application for the green card lottery abroad, as long as you meet the requirements set forth by the Department of State.

Is there a minimum required age in order to apply for the diversity green card lottery? There is no minimum age for green card lottery applicants, however, the education requirements set forth by the Department of State, will essentially exclude applicants that are under 18. Can I apply for the Green Card Lottery even though I have a pending nonimmigrant visa petition? You may apply for the green card lottery even if you have a pending nonimmigrant visa application. You do not need to specify that you have applied for the green card lottery on your nonimmigrant visa petition. Is there a limit to the number of green card applications that I can submit? Any individual can only file one green card lottery application each year. If the applicant submits more than one application, they will be disqualified by the Department of State. The applicant’s spouse, however, is free to file a green card lottery application as well.

In this case, if one party wins the green card lottery, the spouse may enter as well. Can my spouse also apply for the green card lottery? Yes, a husband and wife may both apply for the green card lottery. It is important to remember that you must include your husband or wife’s name on your green card lottery application. If either of you are selected for the visa lottery, your husband or wife will be able to obtain a green card as well. Yes, you may apply under the visa lottery program each year. Your chances of winning the visa lottery will remain the same. Green card lottery winners are chosen randomly by a computer. Green card lottery winners will be notified by mail, and those that are not selected will not hear back from the USCIS.