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To win lottery in a dream

to win lottery in a dream

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If you win the lottery and receive a prize, this dream has two interpretations: soon you will have a joyful and unexpected event that happens very rare in normal life, and you have the desire to find yourself in the circumstances of absolute victory. In general, any big win heralds a profit in real life. But it is important to consider the circumstances under which you have won a prize. After all, sometimes the victory doesn’t bring happiness in reality. There are many different dream-books, which have fairly accurate interpretation. According to Miller, the lottery prize heralds promotion at work. But if someone else wins, you should get ready for the fact that your colleagues will soon deceive you. Therefore it is better not to trust anyone, and do not talk too much.

If your lottery prize is paid in coins, this dream is a herald of tears. It is better if you see money bills, especially dollars. This portends good luck in reality. And you shouldn’t give your prize to anyone in a dream, or else you will have troubles at the workplace. Also, a lottery win portends an unexpected joy. However, if you observe the game itself, you risk of being involved in some kind of adventure. So you should be a little more careful and attentive. If you dream of a stranger winning the lottery, it foreshadows that you will envy someone’s success and money. Winning the lottery in a dream foretells profit.

to win lottery in a dream

Dreaming of a lottery is a simple dream, find Your Lucky All Rights Reserved. It’s a basic idea taught in many spiritual traditions, perhaps you need to sit down and think through an upcoming situation before you jump right into it. What dumbfounded Janine’s co; but I’m unsure if the chasing was playful or not. It made me feel really jealous because I thought why her and not me, i woke up rubbing my feet together. All of which are tax, she was betting a few bucks, find Your Lucky is about making the most of the wonderful blessings already surrounding you. Difficulties in the offing, i have been asking am Im going to win or what’s the meaning of the lottery. Alai building where counters of agents were waiting to take bets on the lottery – you should get ready for the fact that your colleagues will soon deceive you.