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The one with the lottery tickets

the one with the lottery tickets

Joey: Monica, hey, can I borrow the Porsche? Monica: But ehmwhat is it not? A place to entertain my lady friends. Monica: And what else is it not? What do you need it for anyway? So you’re driving up to Connecticut? Monica: Hey, maybe I’ll drive you up there!

I’d like to buy some tickets myself! Monica: Yeah with Chandler not getting paid, we could really use 300 million dollars. Chandler: Yeah, because if I was at my old job we’d say 300 million? Phoebe: Hey will you get me tickets too? Why don’t we all pitch in 50 bucks, we’ll pool our money together and then if we win, we’ll split it! Everyone almost simultaneously except Ross: yeah thats a great idea! Phoebe: You don’t wanna win the lottery? Uhsure I do, and I also wanna be King of my own country and find out what happened to Amelia Earhart. Joey: Seriously, Ross, you don’t want in on this?

Do you know what your odds are of winning the lottery? II mean you have a better chance of being struck by lightning 42 times. Chandler: Yes but there’s six of us so we’d only have to get struck by lightning 7 times. Ross: Seriously you guys, I can’t believe you’re going to spend 250 dollars on the lottery, I mean that’s such a bunch of boohaki. Ross: Oh oh, we think Emma is about to start talking so we’re trying to be careful about what words we use in front of her. Rachel: Yeah so get ready to hear alot of ehmboohaki, goshdarnit and brotherpucker. Monica: How do you know she’s gonna start talking? Rachel: Well when I talk to her I almost feel like she understands what I’m saying.

You know I haven’t won anything since the sixth grade. You assume because I was heavy that’s the only way I could win something? Chandler: No, I saw a picture of you covered in blueberries. They’re towing your car, they’re towing your car! Monica: I’m parked in a garage on Morton! And Rachel you don’t have Emma! My mother picked her up two hours ago.

Rachel: She dropped off a casserole? So, did you come by to watch us win the big bucks? Ross: Yeah, uh and then I figured after you win, we could all go out to the balcony and see a night rainbow with gremlins dancing on top of it! I’ll get it, I’ll get it, I’ll get it! Hey Charlie, what do you know? Monica: Chandler is supposed to find out if he’s getting an assistent job at his ad agency. But out of the 15 interns, they are only hiring three. Yeah if only it were a sure thing like your 24 state lottery!