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The nobel prize in literature winners

the nobel prize in literature winners

US recipients2 during the same period. Jews or by people of half-Jewish descent. Jews currently make up approximately 0. 116 of the names listed here were obtained. Library Journal as one of its “Top 50 Reference Works of the Millennium. EJ97 was itself a runner-up for the American Library Association’s Dartmouth Medal for best reference work of 1997. Nearly all of the additional entries, as well as some of those obtained from EJ97, are accompanied by explanatory footnotes.

Defined as those Recipients with US Nationality at the time of award. In enumerating Nobel Prize winners, we have followed the Nobel Foundation’s practice of counting multiple-time recipients only once. Percentages are based on awards to individuals only, i. Jews or people of half-Jewish descent. For details, see Jewish Winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. 4 5 1 4 1 2 1 . A decoration in the room where the Nobel prizes are announced shows the medal that winners receive. The literature prize won’t be awarded in 2018, after a scandal in the body that judges it.

But when the academy took the extraordinary step of canceling this year’s prize, she became a little angry, too. Why do the authors have to pay the price for this mess? How hard can running a prize be? Pascalidou — with the help of over 100 prominent Swedish cultural figures, including actors, novelists and a rapper — has started her own prize. The winner of the New Academy Prize in Literature will be announced on Oct. There will also be a banquet in the winner’s honor, just as there would be for a Nobel laureate. But there is one big difference between the prizes: You can be involved in this one.

Voting opened on the prize’s website this week with a 46-strong list of nominees, selected by Swedish librarians. Rather than the highbrow and sometimes obscure names usually touted for the Nobel, this list includes J. There are also 12 Swedes, plus Zadie Smith, Donna Tartt and the French author Édouard Louis, 25, who is acclaimed for his books showing the brutal reality of working-class life in France. Some authors who have been tipped for the Nobel are absent, such as the South Korean poet Ko Un and Salman Rushdie. The voting, which closes on Aug. A panel made up of a literature professor, two librarians and two literary editors will then choose the winner. Pascalidou said the prize was not trying to replace the Nobel.

In fact, the organizers plan to disband after this year’s ceremony. But she wants it to draw attention to what is wrong at the Swedish Academy, she said. What we’d like to see is something new — a Swedish Academy that is contemporary, open to the world, inclusive, transparent. But she added that she did not expect the Swedish Academy to start involving librarians, let alone the public, in its decisions. I don’t think they will adopt what we’re doing as these are people who express very elitist views on librarians. Why do they think people in the academy are the only ones that know about literature? The Swedish Academy did not respond to a request for comment.