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Superstitions for bad luck

superstitions for bad luck

Today, most Chinese people do not believe in superstition but generally speaking, there is still adhere many superstition elements and principles in Chinese tradition. It is world-wide known that Chinese keep tradition of old people. Here are the most popular Chinese superstitions and believes. On the first day of New Year the house should not be cleaned because, according to the Chinese superstitions, the happiness should not be removed from the house. For the good luck and to welcome the New Year, it is recommended to wear red clothes. Also, to welcome the New Year open the windows of the house to allow the old year to go outside. When the baby is born should not be praised that, evil spirits must not be invoked in the house. If you build a house, the house should not be facing North.

Chinese superstition say that number eight brings luck. Men do not need to wear mustache: it brings misfortune and bad luck. Man and woman with the same surname do not have to enter into the marriage, because Chinese people believe that they are probably relatives. Wedding dress should be white, red or yellow coloured. Nails should never be cutted by night because it brings financial problems. Do not keep turtle as a pet because it is not good for a job and bussiness prosperity. If a dog howls in the house without a reason at night, it means that someone will die. Never point with the finger in the direction of the moon.

According to the Chinese superstition, descendants of the deceased people should not suck or reduce their hair for 49 days. How to protect against the evil eye? Finding a four-leaf clover, carrying a rabbit’s foot, and crossing your fingers are considered symbols of good luck by many. DENMARK In Denmark, people save their broken dishes throughout the year in anticipation of throwing them on New Year’s Eve. Danes chuck the broken plates at their friends’ and family’s houses as a way to wish the recipient good luck in the year to come. CHINA In China, it’s believed that good fortune enters your life through your front door. When midnight strikes to usher in a New Year, Spaniards eat 12 green grapes for 12 months of good luck. They eat one grape at each bell toll, chewing and swallowing quickly, and they wear red underwear while doing so. RUSSIA Rather than view a bird defecating on them as a disgusting surprise, Russians welcome it as a sign of good luck and fortune.

To Russians, bird droppings on you, your home, or your car signifies that money will be coming your way. Don’t worry, if multiple birds defecate on you, you’ll supposedly get more money. SERBIA According to Serbian folk stories, spilling water behind someone is a great way to give them good luck. Because moving water is fluid and smooth, it confers good luck to the person you spill it behind. Serbians spill water behind their friends and family members who are preparing to take a test, face a job interview, or go on a trip. A woman kissing the Blarney Stone, circa 1950. The legendary Blarney Stone at Ireland’s Blarney Castle attracts visitors who kiss the stone to get the gifts of good luck and eloquence. Visitors who want its good luck must walk to the top of the castle, lean backwards, and hold on to a railing so their lips can reach the stone. THAILAND Boys and men in Thailand believe that wearing a palad khik, or surrogate penis amulet, under their pants will bring them luck. Carved from bone or wood, the surrogate penises are under 2 inches long and are thought to lessen the severity of potential injuries for the wearers.

IRELAND Irish brides wear small bells on their wedding dresses or jewelry, or they put bells in their bouquets. The bells are worn as a symbol of good luck because the ringing allegedly discourages evil spirits intent on destroying the union. Guests may also ring bells during the ceremony or give bells to the couple as a wedding gift. This ancient Buddhist temple, the oldest in Tokyo, was founded in 628 CE and Japanese people view the incense as holy for its healing powers. Speaking the number eight in Chinese sounds similar to the word for fortune and prosperity, so people in China love anything having to do with eight. ARGENTINA Argentinians prepare themselves for the New Year by eating beans for good luck. JAPAN After he accidentally knocked a full bottle of Scotch off the shelf at the bar where he worked, a clumsy bartender in Okinawa, Japan felt humiliated and assumed he would be in big trouble. Instead, the owner and patrons cheered because they believed that breaking the bottle brings good luck and higher profits to the bar. In the Netherlands and Switzerland, some newlyweds plant a pine tree outside their home to bring good luck and fertility to the marriage.

superstitions for bad luck