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Provably fair lottery

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly. Click here if you need help. Bets sent during downtime will be processed once the engine is restarted. We guarantee that no bets will be lost. Make sure that you are connected to the internet. Make sure that your computer is powerful enough. Make sure that you are not behind a restrictive firewall. WARNING: do not play directly from an exchange. Please read here about compatible wallets.

You may still access the site to chat with others and see them play. Note on wallets: Please make sure you use a compatible wallet. Next, select the amount you want to play. That’s it, wait for your bet to appear at the top of the game area! The color of the coin will match the game you have selected. If you do so, a special sound will indicate bets that come from your address. All other bets will be displayed semi-transparent. Additionally, you will see your last five bets in your personal table.

The box located at the top-right of the game area also features a chat that you can use to chat with other players. You can hover the falling coins or the multipliers with your mouse to get more info. In order to ensure instant processing, make sure that payments to your wallet are are confirmed and that you are using sufficiently high fees. Yes, we have an official faucet, and it’s probably the most exciting in the world, no kidding. Most likely the fee of your transaction is too small. Both cases are visible by hovering the small triangle warning on the “Estimation Confirmation Time” on blockchain. As soon as your transaction confirms, your bet will appear, just be patient! My payout transaction isn’t found on block explorers! If you can’t find this transaction on a block explorer, please note that they sometimes slower than us in picking up transactions, so just be patient.

Also, most block explorers such as tradeblock. I got a large win, but did not receive my payout immediately as usual. In case of large wins, we need to authorize the payout manually. You can expect to get your payout within 12 hours maximum, typically less. How does the chat lottery work? After a bet plays, there is a small chance the lottery bot will wake up to award a prize in the chat room. When this happens, a person that was recently active in chat will be randomly selected to receive a gift! To claim your prize, you must post your address and the answer to the question within 60 seconds.

The address you post must also have been used to wager at least 0. What is the shiny BONUS coin? All bets have a small chance to win a bonus, although the chance is greater for bets of at least 0. Why is this page taking so much CPU? It is the price to pay for fancy javascript animations. It is commonly called a “bean machine” or a “Galton box” after Sir Francis Galton, who was the first to describe the game in one of his books. The multipliers values are such that your odds are higher than 98.

provably fair lottery