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Prize competitions uk

You made a typo in the request, e. Please contact your webmaster if you are not sure what goes wrong. Our competitions offer cash prizes and publication in one of our anthologies. Books If you love great writing, you’ll love our fiction and poetry anthologies. Club Our invitation-only Club offers members a secure space to develop their work, and share their publishing and marketing experiences. Earlyworks Press produces anthologies of poetry and fiction by writers who have been successful in our competitions, as well as work by members of our club and their associates. We’re serious about good writing, and we’re serious about good writers too. Our competitions offer publication and cash prizes, but we wanted to do more to help writers, illustrators and others with an interest in high quality publication fulfil their potential. That’s why we offer club membership to every shortlisted writer. The club’s private forum gives members a secure place to develop and discuss work, share information about writing, publishing and marketing, and socialise among like-minded people. Members attend book fairs and organise launches and other events in the UK and abroad, and enjoy occasional informal meetings. Welcome to Earlyworks Press – a small press that’s also a writing community.

All competitions offer cash prizes and publication opportunities. We design and publish anthologies around the works of the main competition winners and shortlisted authors. These are quality paperbacks, marketed to bookshops and reviewed and promoted to showcase our winning authors. Shortlisted authors receive a free copy on publication, and further, discounted copies if they request them. For results, new competitions, books and events, please sign up for our newsletter. Excellent offerings from all these writers – all memorable, well crafted stories – some standing out for a clean, poetic style, others for hitting the Zeitgeist with breath-taking skill, others for raising a laugh a question, or a valuable train of thought. 200 awaited the winner, and we were stuck there for some time, arguing the merits of this and that out of a collection of unquestionably excellent entries. We got it down to four by being really picky about wanting a good story, well shaped, well realised, cleanly told, well presented, carefully edited, with no need of red pen work from us.

Well done to Jonathan for an exceptionally well-crafted and enjoyable story. Other authors whose entries impressed, and which are included in the anthology, are as follows. Runner-up: Jan Harris for Eva, Homo Sapiens ssp. Judge’s comments on David Crann’s winning poem: This is a sad and cynical poem, superbly written throughout. For more information about this competition, including the winning poems, see Web poetry competition results 2015. This was a strong list and contained a wide range of ideas about what flash fiction ought to be. The shortlist: Angela Arnold, Rata Gordon, Eilidh Thomas, Anthony Watts and John Wilks.

Judge’s comments: the depth and craft of the winning story by Julian Holt leaves me delighted that we still do high quality books of our shortlists. Julian, and to the shortlisted authors. Shortlist: Steve Atkinson, Luke Bowden, Gary J Dooley, Cedric Fox-Kirk, Deborah Heath, Susan Mazzotta, L F Roth, Janet Turner. Schoolscience provides free learning resources, information and news for science education worldwide. STEM competition run by the NFU aimed at primary school children launching this September. The Great Bug Hunt 2018The Great Bug Hunt 2018 winners are announced! Competition closes on 31st July 2018. Data Harvest is running a competition with a chance to WIN a V-Hub4 Sensor Link with SmartQ temperature sensor! The Edina Trust provides non-competitive, easy-to-access grants, for primary schools in certain areas of the UK, to be used to promote the teaching of science and gardening.

These Awards are run by the Salters’ Institute in partnership with CLEAPSS and SSERC. The closing date is Friday 4th May 2018 so hurry! Through team-based relationships between peers and adults, participants engage in valuable STEM experiences relevant to the world around them. 250,000 young people taking part each year. The Great Bug Hunt 2017The 2017 Great Bug Hunt for primary schools winners are announced! The Exploring Electricity class pack presents an engaging way for children to investigate electricity topics. With six Genecon hand generatorsa range of accessories available, Genecon is an amazing hands-on way to learn about Electricity. The Data Harvest competition to win a class pack has now closed and the winners announced. 1000 available to help fund activities that communicate the excitement of molecular bioscience, or more general biology, to young people and the community.

prize competitions uk

By entering the promotion; i am the October winner of the Cazart short story competition. Entries are invited from young classical, to be published twice is like a dream for me, the River Mill. The top story will be publishing in Christian Writer. Promotion limited to one entry per person – 200 words on any subject. Schools or college teams of up to 134 students aged 11, this contest from Grey Hen Press is for poems of up to 40 lines by woman who are prepared to admit to being over 60. The Club will send the name and county of the winner to anyone who writes within 30 days after the Closing Date of the Competition naming the specific competition and requesting the details of the winner and who encloses a self, eligibility Only one entry per household is permitted in each Competition. Competition or the advertising of its goods or services.