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prize bond not

Beginning March 1 there will be NO fee for on-line payments. If you are not already set up, call BMWC’s office to set up your account for on-line bill pay. Bond Madison Water will be launching a payment round up program modeled after Southwestern Electric Cooperative’s Operation Round-Up. Members choosing to participate in this tax deductible, charitable program will have their monthly bills rounded up to the next dollar. In addition, funds can also be accepted from outside individuals or organizations. The funds collected will be distributed to not-for-profit and charitable organizations in the Water Company’s general service territory.

Don Grimm announced that drawings would be conducted throughout the meeting for bill credits or Cardinal baseball tickets with Applebee’s gift cards. 50 bill credit courtesy of Bond Madison Water Company. Don Grimm, President, called the 23rd Annual Meeting to order at 7:00 p. The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Vice-President, Bob Schrumpf. 50 bill credit from Bond Madison Water Company was won by Kelly Haller of Pocahontas. Don Grimm then introduced members of the Board, Engineer, Legal Counsel, Contractor and employees. Kelly Haller made motion to accept the minutes.

The third drawing for Cardinal tickets courtesy of Midwest Municipal Supply and an Applebee’s gift card courtesy of Juneau and Associates was won by Sherry Chase of Marine. Tom discussed projects that were spearheaded by Don during his tenure including ten years as President of the Board. Eyman then submitted the Treasurer’s Report directing the membership to review the Cashflow and Balance sheet printed on the agenda. Any questions could be answered at the meeting or the office could be contacted later. With the financial reports being in good order, Bernice Lurkins made motion to approve them. Bob Massa of Juneau and Associates took the floor and reported on the projects BMWC has undertaken to keep the system up to date. Mollet, the Board and Sandy then took questions from the floor. 2-million-dollar pump station and loop extension project. Attorney Jeffrey Mollet then presented the slate of nominees and explained voting procedure. Incumbents Tom Eyman, of Bond County and Bob Schrumpf of Madison County are each running for a three-year term.

Rich Accornero has been nominated by the Village of Pocahontas for a 3-year term representing the bulk users-Only bulk users will vote. All Bond County and Madison County candidates are running unopposed. Mollet asked for a motion to accept the slate as presented. Rich Accornero was presented as unopposed nominee for bulk water representative. Sue Kovach representing Pocahontas moved to accept the nomination of Rich Accornero, Darren Apken of Marine 2nd motion. Mollet asked for a vote by acclamation by Bulk Users. Don Grimm of Hamel so moved, Darren Apken of Marine 2nd motion. President Don Grimm asked if there was any unfinished business.

The President then asked if there was any new business for discussion. The final drawing of the evening for Cardinal tickets courtesy of Jared Haukap and the St. Louis Cardinals and an Applebee’s gift card courtesy of Juneau and Associates was won by Brian Touchette of Greenville. Winners of Cardinal memorabilia donated by Jared Haukap were then drawn from the remaining ticket holders. Stan Gifforn made motion to adjourn meeting. Bond Madison Water Company is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Our essay draws upon URBED’s experience over many years designing neighbourhoods and working to improve the quality of development in the UK. Through this debate we have come to the fundamental conclusion that it is probably impossible to create a Garden City of any scale from scratch in the current economic climate.

prize bond not