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One piece of luck meet and

one piece of luck meet and

Become Premium member to get access to all the games and site features. Create FREE account to get access to all the game demos and forum. Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club is about four Chinese mothers, who came to America when they were young, and their grown daughters who were born in the United States. The mothers formed a club, where they play a Chinese tile game, eat a lot of food, and talk about life. Their stories about their youth in China are both sad and magical. The moms are filled with old-fashioned wisdom, while their daughters’ lives are more modern and involve complications their mothers never dreamed of. Each daughter has a long-time tension or conflict with her mother. At the same time, each mother feels her daughter does not have a handle on life. The mothers and daughters love one another, but their relationships are full of misunderstanding.

In the first half of the book everyone tells her story — the daughters with their “American” problems, and the mothers with their hard beginnings and “Chinese” lessons. Each of the daughters feels disapproved of by her mother. Each of the mothers feels her own view of life has been lost to her daughter. Each mom has strength she wants to give to her daughter. In the second half of the book, the mothers are allowed to influence their daughters’ adult lives. The daughters learn to incorporate their mothers’ Chinese wisdom, which was born in a faraway land, into their American situations. June’s mother has died, so June is taking her place in the tile-playing club.

She remembers Suyuan’s old stories of wartime China, of how she lost her family and left her twin daughters behind. June is scared that the old mothers won’t like her and that she won’t fit in the club. The old mothers ask June, in honor of her dead mother, to go to China to visit the twin daughters Suyuan never knew. An-Mei is still freaked out by her motherless childhood. Living with an aunt, An-mei was brainwashed that her mother was evil. But An-mei remembers seeing her mother try to heal someone by cutting a piece of her own flesh off. Now An-Mei feels her mother inside herself and knows that beneath her pain is true love. When Lindo was just a baby, her husband was chosen for her. She had no choice, because a deal was struck, which was good for her family, although it made her life miserable. When she was still a kid, she went to live with her snotty in-laws, who treated her like a slave.

She decided to stay strong, and when the time was right, she tricked her in-laws into setting her free with a story about unhappy ancestors. A long time ago Ying-ying stopped being true to herself. As a girl, Ying-ying got yelled at for being too wild, for acting like a boy. Once, on a big party boat with her family, she got dirty and was sent to sit by herself. She fell into the water and almost drowned. From that day on, that her true self was lost. Waverly grew up in a neighborhood where China and America mixed.

As a kid, an old Chinese man taught her how to kick butt at chess. It was a game of tricks and secrets. But Waverly’s pride and cleverness were no match for her mother, Lindo’s, quiet strength. When Lena was a kid, Ying-ying spooked her so badly with stories about devils and monsters that she started seeing nightmares when she was wide-awake. Her mother was afraid of everything, would obsess about dead babies and finally when her own infant was stillborn she lost her mind. Because Lena was young and had hope, she helped Ying-ying end her madness. Rose’s world is upside-down because she is getting divorced. She remembers how her mother had a book that described all the bad stuff that could happen to kids. Once, when Rose was supposed to keep an eye on her kid brother at the beach, she got distracted and he tumbled into the water and drowned.

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