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Millionaire from lottery

Is There a Millionaire Entrepreneur In You? Someone FINALLY had the balls to tell the real truth about ALL the crap out there, and direct us toward a real true path of prosperity. I can promise you that there is a clarity that comes with reading this book that no other book on the market will ever give you. This book is a wake up call of epic proportions— some of those talking head gurus are going to put a price on his head! If You Ever Want Get Rich. It’ll either piss you off or have you jumping for joy! Are you taking fitness advice from a fat man?

Yahoo Finance and you just might. Let me be blunt: The advice spewed in these articles is a joke, and the joke’s on you. Your parents want you to ignore him. We Don’t Need No Stinking Sales Pitch! These Aren’t The Droids You’re Looking For. I’ll spare you the drama of a sales pitch. Thousands of people have bought it and agree. I’m really trying to change your life. This book is packed with information and extremely well written. I have read most of the seminal works on how to create wealth and build businesses, and most of them are great at one aspect or another, but few are as comprehensive as Fastlane.

I’m an ENTREPRENEUR first and and AUTHOR second. I became a millionaire by age 31. GURUness is ever complete until we can throw-in a tacky picture of me standing next to a sports car. While that might impress the ladies over at Match. I don’t expect it court much favor with such a cynic like yourself. Anyhow, what’s important is this: Every morning I wake up and do whatever the hell I want. Well, the electric bill needs to be paid because I like it cold, especially during the Phoenix summer.

I have what every cubicle grinding person wants financial freedom which ultimately translates into REAL FREEDOM. However, as any young person who comes into a little money will tell you, retirement is great initially, but eventually it gets excruciatingly boring. It’s always been my dream to write a book. Most “gurus” aren’t millionaires at all and if you’re gonna take money advice from someone, shouldn’t that be important? That video they shot from their 1 bedroom apartment should have given you a clue, don’t ya think? This is by far the best book ever written on the subject, better than Rich Dad Poor Dad, better than Think and Grow Rich, better than any book by Donald Trump, this book breaks it down. There’s moments in your life where a light bulb just seems to turn on, a switch just seems to flip. If you’re looking to induce once of these, look no further than this book. This is by far the BEST business book written hands down. Fastlane philosophy goes beyond just business and finance: It’s a lifestyle and a mindset.

Fastlaners are a small, but tightly connected group bound by a common purpose: To create value on a worldwide scale while creating personal wealth along the journey. That crap sells books, but it doesn’t make millionaires. Additionally, the front half of my book is likely to have you crying for mercy since it covers your piss-poor decision-making and your wannabe millionaire lifestyle— all of which are 1st class tickets straight into poverty— regardless of how much money you make. Yea, that pro athlete that just filed bankruptcy? Ten bucks spent on Fastlane and it would have saved him a fortune, and it will you too. I want to tell you that financial freedom is something that cannot be explained or described on some random webpage— it’s truly a dream where you never wake up. I’d love for you to join me and other dedicated Fastlaners who have resurrected their dreams and taken the leap from indentured employee to liberated entrepreneur. Strap yourself in— the journey won’t be easy but it won’t be crowded like the 7AM morning commute. The Millionaire Fastlane has sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide and is being translated into multiple languages — despite it’s success, no publisher would touch it. Henceforth in my Shakespearean tone, I hath bequeath to you The Millionaire Fastlane.

millionaire from lottery