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News, information, and results on the South Carolina Lottery and Powerball. Includes the SC Lottery winning numbers, ticket locations, and a Spanish version. SCLottery has many ways to win! Try the South Carolina Education Lottery games. South Carolina Lottery Information helps you find all the South Carolina Education Lottery and Powerball games and news.

593 million from the SC Lottery. Voice your opinion on education at the South Carolina Lottery Poll. SC Lottery News Check current news on the South Carolina State Lottery. Be a Carolina Millionaire  Top prize is a cool SC Lottery Million Dollars! Play the next South Carolina Lottery Powerball game. Where should the SC Lottery proceeds go? The South Carolina Lottery Information website is for information and entertainment purposes only. Please return to your SC Lottery retailer or state of South Carolina State Lottery office for official verification of results. You must be 18 years of age or older to play the South Carolina Education Lottery games. You do not have to be a resident of South Carolina, but you must purchase your ticket in South Carolina.

Contact the webmaster for South Carolina Lottery Information advertising opportunities. South Carolina Education Lottery Commission or any other local, state, or federal agency. The California Lottery wants you to have the very best possible experience at calottery. CSR is integrated into every division, with the goal of building mutual public trust and confidence, by going above and beyond our mandate of sending enhancement dollars to education. The entire team at the California Lottery remains committed to improving our operations and running a socially responsible state agency. Contribution to Education Learn how Lottery funds make a huge impact for public schools in California. Responsible Gaming As a WLA level four certified lottery, the California Lottery is committed to the highest standards of responsible gaming in its daily operations. There is a newer version of Internet Explorer.

There is a newer version of Firefox. There is a newer version of Chrome. There is a newer version of Safari. Jump to navigation Jump to search Lottery payouts are the way lottery winnings are distributed. Actual payouts after a draw will vary to what payouts are advertised before a draw, depending on whether the jackpot is hit or not. Typically jackpot amounts that are not hit or paid out are then rolled over to the next draw. In this sense, typical RTP or returns to player percentages will vary with the size of the jackpot.

To make lotteries competitive, some jurisdictions increase payout percentages versus those of a neighboring lottery. The percentage changes are likely due to competition from illegal numbers on daily numbers games. Selling hope: state lotteries in America. Millions of Lottery Tickets throughout the world go into the Trash, only a few get to be recycled into Millions of Dollars. Two artists,  Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom have created art from reclaimed lottery tickets. Dream sculptures, wall paper, are and even furniture decor. Their website is called Ghost of a Dream, which buying lottery tickets is. Are the slick lottery tickets sold in the state of Indiana composed of carcinogenic components? Donate To A Green Cause If you like this site, please help us out to keep it online.