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Make a gambling game

make a gambling game

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You might also like information on deposit options or casino game guides. Making a simple board game is one of the easiest and fun things you can do on a rainy afternoon. Cut each of these strips into small squares. They don’t have to be particularly uniform, in fact it’s better if there are a few smaller pieces as well as a bunch of bigger squares. Draw a line around the piece of cardboard which will be the track of your game play. Decorate elaborately or minimally or not at all. You could number the squares if this takes your child’s fancy. Our game was vaguely family themed, with pictures of relatives hastily drawn on the squares and on the board. You could come up with all kinds of different themes and looks. I remember when I was a kid we did a similar thing but we made it look like a haunted house and all the instructions were spoooooky.

Make a couple of counters out of rolled up scraps of paper and you are ready to play! She picks up a card of the corresponding colour to the place she has landed on and follows the instructions. If she is told to move ahead or back she does so, and her turn ends without picking up another card. The older the child the more complicated you might like to make the rules. Thanks for writing it up and making the instructions so clear and simple. I wouldn’t have known where to start if I did this on my own! The cutting and pasting were right up her alley.