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Luck like you

Find out how you stack up. Invaluable advice and timeless wisdom written with clarity and practicality for any business leader. T survey tells a timeless truth: that knowing oneself is fundamental to thriving. Great, really great not just for business people, but for anyone trying to make better decisions and better manage relationships. Tjan, Harrington and Hsieh have nailed it. Building great companies takes a powerful cocktail of Heart, Smarts, Guts, and Luck. HSGL is filled to the brim with the lessons of innumerable successful entrepreneurs and the traits that helped them deliver on that success. HSGL a careful read and measure themselves up on the heart, smarts, guts and luck scale. A practical and fun read for entrepreneurs. Transparent, gritty business advice from the entrepreneurs themselves and their inside stories.

The Entrepreneurial Aptitude Test will change the way you understand yourself, your strengths, and how you work forever. Gets at the core of what it takes to build a successful entrepreneurial venture. Luck is easy to relate to and relevant for any new or experienced entrepreneur. Heart, Smarts, Guts and Luck are crucial not just for those who start a business, but must also be in the DNA of everyone who wants to succeed in a transnational, high growth company. The authors have a rare combination of entrepreneurial and operating backgrounds, together with the experience of partnering with founders in a venture capital context. They have collected a perspective on what makes a successful entrepreneur that everyone should enjoy and benefit from. Finally, a book that investors like us can use with portfolio companies to engage them on their opportunity and challenges in growing businesses.

Download MP3Our story today is called “Luck. It was written by Mark Twain. Here is Shep O’Neal with the story. Storyteller:  I was at a dinner in London given in honor of one of the most celebrated English military men of his time. I do not want to tell you his real name and titles. I will just call him Lieutenant General Lord Arthur Scoresby. I cannot describe my excitement when I saw this great and famous man. There he sat, the man himself, in person, all covered with medals. I could not take my eyes off him.

He seemed to show the true mark of greatness. His fame had no effect on him. The hundreds of eyes watching him, the worship of so many people did not seem to make any difference to him. Next to me sat a clergyman, who was an old friend of mine. He was not always a clergyman. During the first half of his life he was a teacher in the military school at Woolwich. He meant, of course, the hero of our dinner. This came as a shock to me. I could not have been more surprised if he has said the same thing about Nepoleon, or Socrates, or Solomon. But I was sure of two things about the clergyman.

And, his judgment of men was good. Therefore, I wanted to find out more about our hero as soon as I could. Some days later I got a chance to talk with the clergyman, and he told me more. About forty years ago, I was an instructor in the military academy at Woolwich, when young Scoresby was given his first examination. I felt extremely sorry for him. He was a nice, pleasant young man. It was painful to see him stand there and give answers that were miracles of stupidity.

luck like you

luck like you