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Lottery winning tickets

lottery winning tickets

6 numbers are drawn at random from the set of integers between 1 and 49, which means there are 49! The means that the jackpot chance is 1 in 13,983,816 or approximately 1 in 14 million. 6, which works out as 1 in 2,330,636. 43 balls left and you can match 42 of these 43 balls without matching the bonus number. 42, which evaluates to 1 in 55,491. Firstly, let’s take the case of the first 4 of your numbers matching and the last 2 not matching. Now this is the chance for that single case occurring, but there are 15 combinations of matching 4 from 6 , so you divide the answer by 15 to get 1 in 15486. There are 20 combinations of 3 from 6 , so the chance of a 3 match is 1 in 1133.

The chance of you winning any of the above prizes is approximately 54 to 1 – it is reckoned an average of one million people per draw will win a prize. Perfect for holiday gifts and family parties! These scratch off fake lottery tickets look exactly like the real instant scratch off tickets you see in stores! You may have seen these gag fake lottery tickets on the show “Americas Funniest Home Videos”. You will receive 2 Camelot’s Gold Fake Lottery Ticket, 2 Lucky Shamrocks Fake Lottery Ticket, 2 Let ’em Roll Fake Lottery Ticket, 2 Fast Money Fake Lottery Ticket, and 2 Joker’s Wild Fake Ticket. This is a great April Fools gag, birthday prank, or a dirty joke for the compulsive gambler! Our New full color fake lotto tickets look and feel completely like the real scratch tickets you would buy in the lottery stores. Every ticket is an automatic winner!

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If you would like to order fake lottery tickets with check, please click here. You have to see how funny this prank really is! Looking for other Gag Gifts and Joke Items? Your fake lottery tickets are mailed out same day ordered! Note that Camelot have admitted that some initial vendors were badly selected and will have their lottery terminals removed if they haven’t met expected sales quotas. How many tickets should I buy a week ? 3 tickets a week, you’re a gambling addict according to that theory. I was staggered to learn that people were actually buying lottery tickets for loved ones as Christmas presents.

lottery winning tickets