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Lady luck be my lady

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. What does this song mean to you? So he could do his job and never shirk. Someone else’ll do the blinkin’ work! With a little bit of luck you’ll never work! To see if man could turn away from sin. When temptation comes you’ll give right in! With a little bit of luck you’ll give right in. But with a little bit of luck You’ll run amuck! To share his nest and see his food is cooked.

You can have it all and not get hooked. With a little bit of luck you won’t get hooked. With a little bit of bloomin’ luck! No matter where, on land, or sea, or foam. When he comes around you won’t be home! With a little bit of luck, You won’t be home. Who Will Perform At The 2019 Grammy Awards? But with a little bit of luck A man can duck! And fill his wife’s poor heart with grief and doubt.

You can see the bloodhound don’t find out! With a little bit of luck she won’t find out! He doesn’t have a tuppence in his pocket. The poorest bloke you’ll ever hope to meet. He’ll be movin’ up to easy street. With a little bit of luck, He’s movin’ up. With a little bit of bloomin luck!

Song Discussions is protected by U. First produced at the Mark Hellinger Theatre on 15th March, 1956, with Rex Harrison as “Higgins”, Julie Andrews as “Liza” and Stanley Holloway as “Doolittle”. It is a blustery March evening outside Covent Garden, where street-entertainers are performing for the arrival of opera patrons. Dapper young Freddy Eynsford-Hill upsets the flowers of Eliza Doolittle, a cockney flower merchant. In a slum area in Tottenham Court Road, Liza’s father, Doolittle, and his pals have been drinking. Liza has now come to live with Professor Higgins, who devotes himself painstakingly to teaching her how to act like a grand lady. Higgins convinces both her and her father that, beyond this experiment, he has no further interest in her. Higgins that her son will soon make his appearance with the transformed Liza. Within the enclosure, elegant gentlemen and ladies are watching the races — their reactions reflected in the ballet, “Ascot Gavotte”. Eliza now appears under Higgins’ arm.

Beautifully gowned, and very much the lady, she instantly captures the heart of young Freddy Eynsford-Hill. The night of the embassy Waltz has arrived. It is here that Liza is to meet her final test. Her triumph is complete: She is taken for a Hungarian of royal blood. When next he does see Liza, it is at his mother’s house, where Liza has come for a brief visit. He would like her to come back to him, but when Liza informs him that Freddy has asked to marry her he loses his temper and calls her a fool. Without her, he is lost and lonely.