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It is a bad luck

it is a bad luck

Why is Getting a Haircut on Certain Days Prohibited? There are many things related to our daily lives that are mentioned in the religious texts. The instructions are also mentioned as how and when to fulfill those purposes. Modern people name those customs as superstitions because the result of those practices is not seen in reality. However, the truth is that these customs have a deep effect on us that cannot be seen.

Probably, this is the reason that why many people still lay emphasis on such customs and rituals. Humans are bestowed with brain and intelligence. The most important part of our body is brain. The mid part of our head is very delicate and sensitive. This part of our head is protected by hair. That is why nature has given hair on our head. If people cut hair and shave on Saturday, Thursday and Tuesday, these rays will have a direct impact on our head. That’s why religious books and sages have suggested not to get a haircut and shave on certain days. As per the religious texts, a person’s age is reduced by 8 months by cutting hair on Tuesday. According to astrology, Tuesday is the day of Mars.

Mars resides in the blood of our body and the origin of hair is blood. Cutting hair on Tuesday increases the chances of blood diseases. Thursday is the day of Jupiter, significator of wealth, knowledge and offspring. Many sages consider Thursday as the day of Lakshmi. People may have to face lack of money, troubles related to progeny and diminishing intelligence, if one gets his or her haircut on Thursday. Saturday is the day of Saturn. Saturn is the planet that gives death as well as increases the life.

This planet is also related to the skin of humans. Therefore, cutting hair on Saturday greatly affects the aforesaid things. It is believed that cutting or trimming hair on Saturday reduces life by seven months. Therefore, to stay safe from the aforementioned things, getting a haircut on Saturday, Thursday and Tuesday is prohibited. Yantra to pacify planets and have a happy life . Get your personalised horoscope based on your sign. If a girl who is engaged accidentally drops a knife, it is a sign that her fiance is coming to visit.

It is bad luck to wear an emerald for an engagement ring. Doing so will cause you to die an old maid. An engaged woman should never let another girl wear her engagement ring, as the marriage will likely not happen. To be proposed to in a public place is unlucky, and will cause your marriage to receive unwanted notoriety. A man on his way to propose should turn back if he sees a snake and propose at another time. Otherwise, extremely bad luck will follow. A more uncommon wedding superstition says that the bride who dreams of fairies the night before her marriage will be blessed with three children.

it is a bad luck

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