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Is online gambling safe

is online gambling safe

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Founded in 2003 we pride ourselves on being the players advocate. We offer only the most reputable casino promotions and will not recommend playing anywhere that is not safe for you. You can trust that anything posted here is reliable and trustworthy. Video Game Addiction – Is it a Real Disorder? My Son is Addicted to Video Games – Can I Help Him? Boyfriend or Husband Addicted to Video Games? Are Video Games Designed to Be Addictive? Is Diablo III the New Addiction in Video Gaming?

Facebook Age Restrictions: Justified or Pointless? Should I Be Worried about Cyberbullying? The Internet: Good or Bad for your Brain? Although it is relatively easy to find information and facts on “traditional” forms of gambling, internet gambling is a relativly new phenomenon and accurate information on online gambling statistics is difficult to find. Pathological Gambling” was officially recognized as a clinical disorder in 1980 when it was first included in the DSM-III. Eighteen games were available at the time. There are now thousands of internet gambling websites and new online gambling businesses appear every day.

Most online gambling websites are not affiliated with land-based casinos. This is widely thought to be because traditional casinos did not want to get involved with a business model that would take away from traditional sources of revenue. This policy appears to be changing as traditional casinos are now developing their own online gambling websites. There are no official product safety standards and regulations for online casinos. Players who choose to wager at online gambling websites essentially do so at their own risk. Playing on “free” internet gambling websites is a common activity for teenagers and young adults. Research suggests that young males are most likely to engage in online gambling.

is online gambling safe

is online gambling safe