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Irish luck film

Irish Luck is a 1939 American comedy adventure film directed by Howard Bretherton. The film is also known as Amateur Detective in the United Kingdom. You can help by adding to it. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. You need to login to do this. The Luck of the Irish is a 2001 Disney Channel Original Movie. It stars Ryan Merriman as Kyle Johnson, who is dealing with the upcoming Heritage Day festival and trying to figure out what the heritage of his own family is. Also stars Timothy Omundson as Seamus Mctiernen, the antagonist of the film. Not to be confused with the 1948 film of the same name. The Bet: Basically the entire reason for the second half of the film’s existence.

It’s not entirely clear who’s judging the first competition. No neutral third party is shown, and it’s not likely that Seamus would judge fairly. For example, he clearly doesn’t think that Kyle’s break-dancing counts as step, and yet Kyle wins that round. Breaks the stereotype by being terrible at basketball. Born Lucky: The main character, Kyle Johnson, is a popular junior high basketball player, gets good grades by guessing answers, and often finds money on the ground because of the lucky gold coin he wore his whole life. By the Hair: Seamus captures Kyle’s grandfather by grabbing his beard at one point. Erie as in Lake Erie, Cleveland.

Ireland, then he wouldn’t be sneaking behind their back to find out and wonder why they’re so determined to keep it a secret, which led to him losing his lucky coin. Crappy Carnival: Kyle and Russ investigate an Irish carnival that is basically set up to showcase Seamus. This is where Kyle loses his lucky coin, which also happens to be a family heirloom. Dating What Daddy Hates: Reilly wasn’t happy with his daughter’s choice in a husband at first. He learns to accept Bob in the end, though. Dreaming of Things to Come: The movie begins with Kyle having a nightmare where he’s so tiny that no one can see him onstage and accidentally gets stepped on by Bonnie. He finds out that without his lucky coin, he will indeed eventually shrink like his mother. Evil Redhead: When he starts losing the basketball game, Seamus’s hair turns red.

Seamus: Would you at least learn to say it? The land of your forefathers isn’t Erie, it’s √Čire. To forever be banished within the shores of Erie. During the first bet, Seamus also says that he might let Kyle’s grandfather go. After the bet, he points out that he could just as easily keep him as his slave forever, since “might” doesn’t constitute a definitive statement. Fiery Redhead: After Kyle loses his lucky coin, his mother reverts to this. Gold Fever: Happens to the grandfather after entering the antagonist’s traveling van and coming upon the treasure chest of stolen gold coins. Kyle talks him out of stealing all of the gold coins and just take theirs.

Half-Human Hybrid: Kyle, who’s half Leprechaun. I Have No Daughter: When Kyle first comes to his grandfather’s potato chip factory, he explains who he is to the security guard. However, the guard tells him that his grandfather claims that he doesn’t have a grandson. Immigrant Parents: The case for Kyle’s grandfather, who came over to the United States from Ireland. It seems his mother may have been actually born in America, while his father is from Cleveland, Ohio. The latter fact becomes somewhat of a plot point. Interspecies Romance: Kyle’s mother is a pureblood Leprechaun and his father is an American human. This is the reason why his mother and grandfather have a strained relationship. Later, Kyle and Bonnie start dating, although that can be called “interspecies” with a stretch, since he’s half-human.

irish luck film