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I dream i had won the lottery

i dream i had won the lottery

Unfortunately, the windfall can bring more problems than it solves. Most people do not know how to deal with their newfound wealth, and many of the winners go bankrupt. Unfortunately, the money often attracts greedy people, who believe that they are entitled to some of the winnings. Family, friends, even strangers have no problem requesting small fortunes. Many become angry if they are not given exorbitant amounts of money. The following people each had their lives—and their families’ lives—ruined by winning the lottery. He was insistent that the money would not change him. Shakespeare had always been a kindhearted man, who helped those in need, and he intended to stay that way.

Unfortunately, Shakespeare’s kindness became common knowledge. People would walk up to him on the streets and bombard him with their hard-luck stories. He could not resist helping them. Shakespeare was equally generous with his friends, and his kindness was rapidly depleting his bank account. He met a woman, Dorice Moore, who offered to help him manage his money. Moore opened an account with Shakespeare’s money. 1 million on expensive cars and lavish vacations. Moore wanted all of his money. She shot Shakespeare twice in the chest, and she buried his body in a field.

She told his friends and family that he had left town, wanting to escape the people who kept asking for money. Moore pretended that Shakespeare was alive for months. Shakespeare’s family was not fooled by Moore. Police soon found his body, and they immediately suspected Moore. She was arrested, found guilty, and sentenced to life in prison without parole. He planned to put the money back into his business, and he wanted to make a donation to a children’s hospital. Khan attended a press conference where he received an oversized check. Then he went home and had a traditional Indian dinner with his daughter, his wife, and his father-in-law.

Khan was not feeling well after the meal, and he went to bed early. He woke up in agony, and he collapsed when he tried to stand. Khan’s brother was suspicious of the sudden death. He asked the medical examiner to reinvestigate his brother’s body. This time they found a lethal amount of cyanide in Khan’s blood. Police have searched for the murderer, but they have been unsuccessful so far. Whittaker immediately began donating money to charity. People soon started to ask for money. People sent him so many letters, that his charity had to hire three people to open them all. They spent more than eight hours a day just opening the letters.

Some people were not willing to wait for a donation. Several visitors showed up at his house every day to complain about their financial problems. A few of them became angry when he rejected them, and they threatened his family. 3 million fending off hundreds of lawsuits, nearly all of which were bogus. Whittaker became stressed with the newfound attention. He started treating himself to frequent visits to strip clubs, and he started participating in high-stakes gambling. Someone drugged him and stole the briefcase. Although he was publicly disgraced, Whittaker was still adored by his family. He was especially close with his sole grandchild, Brandi.

i dream i had won the lottery

i dream i had won the lottery