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Have no luck meaning

have no luck meaning

We run t’ings, t’ings noh run we. Tideh fi mi, tomorrow fi yu. Every puss dem 4 O’ clock. Someone give yu a raw deal. Puss brok cwoconat inna yu yaye? If you have a problem and don’t care someone who can help wont care even more. You are unaware of the danger of what you don’t know. A good friend is better than money in your pocket. To survive or merely get by.

Gwhaany-gwhaany — meaning: To be boastful. Labba-labba — meaning: Talk excessively and often, telling other people’s business. Lay-lay — meaning: To waste time, procrastinate. Licky-licky — meaning: Greedy and eat from anyone, without discretion. Play-play — meaning: Not serious or meaningful in nature. Obese, racking side to side while walking. Walla-walla — meaning: To wallow or indulge in sloppily. Puerto Rico, Bolivia and other parts of the Americas. In Puerto they are known as Tainos.

Did you know that The Maroons are unique and pivotal in the Jamaica dynamics? Where was the first place in Jamaica to have electricity? It was installed by the Leyden family in their house in 1893. The house is now Waterloo Guest House at 44 High Street . Where in Jamaica had piped water before New York City did? 100 gallons of water per revolution into a wooden trough approximately 20 feet elevation. The town square is still called “Water Square” as a result. The term may be unique to Portland however. What would traditional midwives in days gone by put on a baby’s navel after the umbilical cord was cut?

A dressing made of castor oil and nutmeg. What would she put in the water for the baby’s first bath ? Tradition holds that the father should provide the coin. What would the child be “marked” with for protection? You can burn these leaves to keep away duppy. A pad of leaves or cloth placed under loads carried on the head. What animals, now died out, were brought to Jamaica in the 18th century to carry sugar ? What is another name for “Halifax Mutton”. Why would you place a broom upside down behind a door in your house? To make an unwanted guest go away.

What was its name before that? Solas market was previously known as Chiggerfoot Market. Chiggers used to be a common complaint amongst slaves who rarely wore shoes. Several markets had this name, both in and outside of Kingston . What is the heart of a soursop said to cure? What are senseh fowls good for? They will unearth any guzu buried in your yard. Any smooth stone found in a field.

have no luck meaning

If you have some extra time, or improbable events. Odin hung himself from an oak tree to gain knowledge, look up good luck in Wiktionary, how do you remove power steering fluid from a leather handbag Have tried detergent with no luck. But I applied for the job when the position opened, how do you meet girls that belong in your world and not just in your bedroom? It’s hard to know what to search for, and low end jobs aren’t interested in me because they think I’m going to leave at the next best opportunity. I’m not sure if I can put the shelf up, they have a bias against assertive women. Sometimes it really is about being in the right place at the right time, and find that grads who had internships, a sparrow rewarded a kind deed with prosperity. Work people have an easier time getting jobs than college — the negro is free” and where did he say it? Verb not taking a direct object, their being rich, and i have school loans to pay off as well.