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Check out the Speak Hmong 101 course! College Students and Non Hmong This is the best place for you to learn to read and write Hmong. The courseprovides videos and PDF transcripts of every lessons, helping you to increase your Hmong vocabulary anytime and anywhere. The Conversation Courseoffers three levels that will focus on reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar in Hmong. No matter if you’re Hmong or not, this is the best place for you to learn Hmong. We offer courses that teach you how to speak, read, and write in Hmong from little or no exposure to high advanced level. Our Courses consist of downloadable audio files plus full transcripts of every lesson. Best of all, you can learn Hmong at your own time, our own place, and your own rate. Looking for Teach Yourself Hmong, Pimsuler Hmong, Colloquial Hmong, or Living Language Hmong? This is the place, because not a single publisher above offer Hmong. We are the first ever to produce full comprehensive and easy to follow lessons and materials for learning Hmong.

Please sign up and see it for yourself! Don’t have a clue who are the Hmong? Or are you Hmong with no or little knowledge about Hmong? Read and watch the videos along with the links provided in this site to have a full understanding of the Hmong. The Hmong has a great history dated back 5000 years with rich and beautiful traditions and culture. SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel for all the updates and free qeej lessons! I am impressed with the whole program because for me it works.

My best advise is go on line, try the free beginner lessons and you will see for yourself. I’ve been looking for something like this for a LONG time. Today I became a paid member and love it. If anybody is still deciding whether or not to get it, my opinion is that it’s GREAT. Your program so far has been very beneficial and I would like to continue receiving any updates. I’m very determined, and I hope to use this new skill which I will acquire to help out anyway I can. Do you have just fifteen minutes a day? The key thing is dedication, and if you really want to learn Hmong, this is without a doubt the best way I have been able to find. If you have any questions regarding registration, course materials, and support, please check the FAQ page.

The forum page has been upgraded and updated for a better way for users to discuss and help each other with learning Hmong. You may subscribe for all the free lessons from the offered courses along with a few Hmong traditional songs. Watch all your favorite Hmong movies from Youtube. There is a collection of over 80 Hmong movies to choose from. Find all published Hmong books at our Hmong Bookstore from Amazon. The page also contain many other great items. We have a great list of all the available Hmong websites as they are organized according to its category.

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