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When you’ve returned home upload your pictures and help us improve the site to earn loyalty points. After landing to refuel in Libya, the four hijackers force the airliner to take off once again. The hijackers are joined at Entebbe by more Palestinian militants. The transports landed at Entebbe Airport under the cover of darkness. The hostages were gathered together and most were quickly put on the idling C-130 aircraft. With 102 hostages aboard and on their way to freedom, a group of Israeli commandos remained behind to destroy the Ugandan Air Force MiG-17 and MiG-21 fighters to prevent a retaliation. Preproduction on a Hollywood film began shortly after the actual raid had taken place. Globus team made a decision to achieve a near-documentary feel to the proposed film. Utilizing a full-scale outdoor set consisting of control tower and terminal, the recreated Entebbe Airport also had a collection of realistic scale models of the Ugandan Air Force MiG-17 and MiG-21 fighters.

Three of the four Hercules transports that were flown in the raid are seen in the film. Operation Thunderbolt was produced with the co-operation of the Israeli Air Force and the Israeli government. Originally filmed with all characters speaking in Hebrew, French, German, Arabic, or English per role, Operation Thunderbolt was shot a second time concurrently in an all-English version for the international market. With permission from the Globus Group, a number of documentaries on the rescue use footage from the movie alongside dramatizations of the events. Dubi Zeltzer composed the film score. Like the film, “Eretz Tzvi” would become a famous song as well. Operation Thunderbolt was well received in its native Israel and was somewhat successful overseas.

Of the three films that appeared, Operation Thunderbolt was the most accurate with an authentic feel coming from the use of period-accurate uniforms, weapons, aircraft and vehicles. Although Operation Thunderbolt had some VHS releases over the years, Israeli video company SISU Home Entertainment released a special 25th anniversary two-disc DVD set of the movie in 2003. The set contains the movie with original multilingual audio and English subtitles on one disc and a 60-minute documentary about the raid on the other, plus a letter by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his brother’s role in the operation. Mulago Hospital in Kampala, was murdered by the Ugandans on Idi Amin’s orders. Operation Thunderbolt: The Land of Deer. Planes on Film: Ten Favourite Aviation Films. The Barn in Harwood Dale, near Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Bring your dog to The Barn.

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fortuna sharm sheikh 4

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