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Which makes earning 15,000 points the same as earning a free night certificate. Free night certificates are fantastic for high end properties. The problem is, I couldn’t figure out how to book many of the nicest hotels touted by Wyndham Rewards properties. Due to Wyndham’s latest promo, giving 15,000 points for two nights, I decided to do some research. I figured out why many of the all-inclusives sometimes appeared not to be bookable, and discovered a bunch of other nice hotels. Minimum number of nights when booking. However, the problem with the calendar of availability is that it does not show rewards nights, and thus rewards nights could be out. The difference is likely caused by the calendar mentioned above showing all cash rooms, and rewards nights are only for standard rooms. I particularly dislike the 3 night minimum on some of these hotels because I’m earning my 15,000 points from this latest promo on different accounts, and there’s no way to combine them. Nonetheless, if you earn from the card this might not be a big deal. But if you’re like me, you may have to focus on the properties without a minimum number of nights.

Vancouver, NYC, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Park City, Toronto, Boston, Santa Monica, Istanbul, and Phuket, Thailand. Best use is 2 bedroom suites? To be honest, I wish I had been checking for this throughout my research. Conclusion Wyndham does not have the brand consistency that Hyatt or Marriott has, but they have enough great hotels that I want to hit this latest promotion hard. Low end hotels to earn free nights at, and then a few great redemptions in various regions of the world. Wyndham is not a great brand. But 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points has some great uses. Wyndham all inclusive does not necessarily mean the cheapest room for the same dates.

Even during Christmas and New Years holiday period they still have availability for me and pretty much most of the spring time that I looked up. DUDE, I thought you gave up on blogging! Can’t remember the last time I saw new content from you. Are you going to be posting regularly going forward? So excited to see a post from you. Hope your new business is going great! So happy to read a post from you after so much time. As usual, this was a great post. Thank you for posting a great post.

Your mailing list is not active yet. I qualified for a free night’s stay at a local Atlanta hotel. Upon registering, I presented my credit card for identification purposes ONLY. I keep checking for new posts about once a week, and also come back to check the resources, such as hotel maps. When I searched for 1 night I found nothing. I had to search for 3 nights to get rooms to show up. Now maybe if I called on the phone maybe you can book 1 night once you search for 3 nights and see that there are some nights available? I did not think to try that. I had already planned to stay 4 nights. Hopefully this means the best blogger in travel is back!

How come I never got the bonus points I’m staying in Chico ca June 22 and 23. I would put TRYP NYC way ahead of Hotel Henri in NYC. I also think the Bonnet Creek property in Orlando should be on the list. Hope you get back to writing more regularly! I LOVED Wyndham Bonnet Creek in Orlando! Thrilled to see you writing again. You are the best out there.

fortuna 3 ai kemer 3 kemer