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Ferroli fortuna 24f pro

354M0020 DOMINA F 24-30 E 09. 3 General view and main components . 1 Hydraulic circuit – heating . The boiler shell consists of a copper laminar exchanger whose particular shape guarantees high exchange efficiency under all operating conditions and an open-flue burner equipped with electronic ignition and ionization flame control. General Warnings Installation and maintenance must be carried out by professionally qualified personnel, according to current regulations and the manufacturer’s instructions. Incorrect installation or poor maintenance can cause damage or physical injury. Certification The CE marking demonstrates that Ferroli gas units conform to the requirements contained in the applicable European directives. 396 assimilated with Italian Presidential Decree DPR 15. 42 assimilated with Italian Presidential Decree DPR 15.

The heat contained in the products of combustion is transferred to the water by the system via the exchanger. For more details on the operating logic, refer to chap. Located on the heating circuit return, it is connected directly to the exchanger via special forks and connected to the system via a threaded brass section. Check that both the card and the pump connection are powered. If there is no power supply, check the card. If there is power, change the pump. On boilers with a twin heat exchanger, it is located on the pump casing. It is normally accessible either via the fork or by simply unscrewing it from its seat.

On the 24kW version, it is located above the pump, while on the 30kW version it is located behind the exchanger, inside the frame. It comprises a thickly finned portion, three circular pipes containing the heating water and, inside them, another three pipes in the form of a spiral containing the tap water. The heating water exchanges directly with the burnt gases, while the tap water does not have this kind of exchange, it receives heat indirectly from the water in the three heating pipes. It accommodates a number of safety and adjustment components. It is not fitted on the boiler for some markets such as the British and Belgian ones. When the card receives a signal from the flow meter indicating a tap-water draw of over 2. If heating was in operation, or the pump was anyhow working, the boiler will in any case give priority to the tap water, stopping the pump. The tap water does not exchange directly with the products of combustion, but via the heating water in the exchanger, avoiding sudden changes in temperature.

There is a filter on its inlet to prevent foreign bodies damaging it. It should be remembered that to turn on the boiler for tap-water operation, the tap-water pressure must be at least 0. This makes it possible to understand whether the problem lies with the flow meter, incorrect contacts, or the card. For the valve to work correctly, it is necessary for the pressure upstream from it to be stable and suited to the type of gas being used, while the valve will supply a regular pressure to the nozzles. The gas valve contains two operators. If there is no gas, you must check there is voltage at the operators. The nozzle gas pressure is modulated by the valve and specifically via the 2nd operator.

Using a pressure gauge to check the gas pressure downstream from the valve. This is the most effective method in some situations. With this test, it is possible to understand whether the problem lies with the valve or with the card. Note that with very low pressure upstream from the valve, opening the valve may be slow and the boiler could shut down due to failed ignition. Connect a suitable pressure gauge to pressure point “B” downstream from the gas valve. Disconnect the pressure compensation tube “F”. Take off the protective cap C.

ferroli fortuna 24f pro

ferroli fortuna 24f pro