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Counselling for gambling

counselling for gambling

Quality, Affordable Counselling, Psychotherapy, Couples Counselling. At Tower Counselling we provide individual counselling, couples counselling, mediation, counselling supervision, psychotherapy and addiction counselling to those living in and around Blackpool, Chorley, Preston and along the Fylde Coast and In Liverpool and Southport. We also offer addiction treatment, addiction day programme and residential rehabiliation through ‘T. People seek counselling, psychotherapy, couples counselling or mediation for a wide range of reasons or difficulties. Counselling and psychotherapy at Tower Counselling gives you the opportunity to explore your problems along with any other issues you may have in a confidential setting with a professionally qualified therapist who will listern and help you explore and understand your feelings. At Tower Counselling we offer a sliding scale of costs dependant on income, so making counselling and therapuetic treatment available to all. 55 per session if you are on a good full-time salary. Thousands of people in the UK seek help from a counsellor, couples counsellor, mediator, addiction specialist or psychotherapist at some point in their lives.

Some people refer themselves for help, whilst others come to therapy or counselling via their doctor or the recommendation from a¬†family member, friend or loved one. At Tower Counselling our mission is to provide a high quality and affordable counselling, mediation, mental health serivces, addiction treatment and residential rehabiliation¬†that achieve positive lasting results to all living in and around the Fylde Coast and Merseyside. We’re now open earlier to serve you better. We have learned many lessons around a campfire. No matter where you are, a campfire can open up the door to culture, learning, and listening. Fire is one of the tools to existence. Aboriginal Counselling Services is culturally sensitive. We are both accredited and have formal qualifications in counselling. ACS strives for quality and empathizes the importance of safety, confidentiality and privacy.

ACS has a structured approach and provides an environment that a person can feel relaxed, and confidently know we can relate to an individuals story or yarn. Our methodologies are based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, but will use aspects of other therapies to suit the individual. ACS practices Cultural Safety by understanding the cultural and historic issues that we as Aboriginal people live with. We can relate to the stories that clients bring to us, through our own journeys. We have both lived and experienced strong cultural practices through our families yarns and maintain these stories through the spiritual guidance of our ancestors past and present. At ACS we acknowledge that anger is often the reflection of deeper issues and when we have been involved in a traumatic experience, then the emotional roller coaster takes place. When the dust settles is a model developed based on self-reflection, which incorporates a self-help strategy. When individuals develop insight into the behaviours that are associated with anger it is possible to alter the behaviour and effectively control the damaging consequences.

When the dust settles I know from my own experiences I do feel sad, and sometimes frustrated with what has happened. We have developed a method to use when we feel upset or have that gut instinct that something is about to happen. The program is developed to suit individuals or offered in a one-day training course for a group which is seen on our website under training offered. Like depression, anxiety can be short or long term. We also have a self-help strategy that helps with panic attacks. Panic attacks are related to anxiety and can be a very serious illness if not treated appropriately. We are serious when dealing with this illness and will not hesitate to refer to another professional service if necessary.

We have worked in mental health for eight years and have acquired professional qualifications and experience to support people who have been impacted by anxiety. ACS covers anxiety in an educational component of the Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid. We offer clinical debriefing and workplace support to people in the workplace who are confronted by workplace, family and community issues. We want to support our colleagues in various industries, as we know how vital our roles are in supporting other people particularly community workers. We have worked in construction, administration, education and the public service. Over the past twelve months we have supported workers in government and non-government agencies. Based on my own experiences in my working life, I know the benefits of having quality time to offload and discuss issues that impact our work.