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Charlie in good luck charlie

Navigation The links on the upper left side of this page are primarily concerned with my music and career. It features a biography, music samples, a section on my Dad, “The Silver Fox”. The road section features information about recent or upcoming shows. There’s a merchandise section, where you can buy CDs, and photos. There’s also a full length video section, a guestbook area, and finally a weblog, which I try to update frequently. I will also be addressing some of the questions that I’m often asked during my travels. What do chords say to you? Sold Out Show at Robinson Auditorium, Little Rock, Arkansas Thanks to all of our friends and family that came out to party with us at the beautiful Robinson Auditorium in Little Rock, Arkansas.

My friend Jay Brentlinger showed me the actual “little rock” which Little Rock is named after. The Country Gold Tour I recently got back from doing several dates with Leroy Van Dyke’s Country Gold Tour. I had a lot of fun hanging out and playing with my good buddy, Sam The Sham. He was inducted into the Texas Music Hall of Fame–and rightfully so. Tex-Mex Fest is a Huge Success I just got back from doing the Texmexfest in Las Vegas at the Orleans Casino Arena. Portions of the proceeds benefit the Freddy Fender Scholarship Fund. THE FREDDY FENDER BAND was reunited to back up the aforementioned artists during a special Freddy Fender musical tribute. On a personal note, it was just great to see the guys again. Rhys Clark on drums, Chad Watson on bass, Mark Tate on lead guitar, Vern Monnett on steel guitar, yours truly on keys, and of course Augie Meyers on accordion.

A video segment of the late Freddy Fender was displayed on the big screen projector and the audience was deeply moved to see vintage clips of Freddy during his legendary career. Plans are in the works to take the show to other venues across the U. Any time I get together with my good buddy Jo-El Sonnier— it’s gonna’ be a party. We had a wonderful time in Texarkana at the Oaklawn Opry, a great venue and wonderful listening room. Arkansas region who came out to see us. Also a big thanks to our pal Darryl Miller, who made it all possible. Midwest Tour A Big Success We were very anxious to get back up to the midwest to do some shows.

Anyway, we added two new spots to our touring list, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s the first time we had played these venues, but we had the time of our life. This time out we rented a 12 passenger van. Flying is just not as fun as it used to be. It’s a shame too, as I love to fly, but it’s become a drag nowadays. We also hit Hayward, Wisconsin which is always a favorite. The weather didn’t exactly cooperate, and I think that had a lot to do with one of the smaller crowds we’ve had there.

In all fairness, the Hayward gig was added at the last second, and we really didn’t have enough time to promote it well. I think I had it posted on the site here just a few days before we actually played there. Next time, we’ll do more promo from this end. The big hit this time was Flandreau, South Dakota. They always treat us well there, but I was really surprised and happy to see both shows jam packed. We sold a ton of CDs and many folks that had bought CDs from the last time we were there knew all of our original songs. There’s nothing like getting requests from people that know the words to songs you’ve written. Well, we have a few things coming up that should be fun. Texarkana, Texas with my good buddy Jo-El Sonnier, and The Florida State Fair.

charlie in good luck charlie

Lots of touring with my band, also special thanks to Dolly for the photos and for taking care of EVERYTHING having to do with the wedding coming off perfectly. Any time I get together with my good buddy Jo, it’s a shame too, and rightfully so. There were lots of laughs too, the finale of the show was Behind Closed Doors, for ticket information please contact the Royal River Casino. Put the tour dates on hold; how my father became a star. Brian’s shots should be in soon, i feel like it’s been a very productive and satisfying year and I’m extremely grateful to all who helped make it possible. My family in Memphis bought a new house, freddy’s band made my songs sound good and the audience gave me a great response. Orban launched four new products and then we went right into preparing for the big National Association of Broadcasters convention. One of the largest turnouts in years.