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Cars and luck

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Terry had been partners with Mike Thermos on the Sopwith Camel Cuda prior to this effort, moved on after two seasons to field Plueger built flopper. From the state that probably boasted more funny cars per capita than any other, Rhode Island, came the “Rapid Transit” Satellite of the Hill Bros. Gas Willys in the late 60s, Pete and Bill Hill built their first Rapid Transit funny car in 1970 in the form of a Cuda. In 76 Steve Harris debuted chassis builder Mike Kase’s “Speed Racer” Vega at the OCIR annual Manufacturers Meet. In 75 Jackie Price at wheel of Bluegrass Shaker Vega won the Div 3 flopper title. From the Garden State, New Jersey, came the “Huckster” Mustang initially owned by John Burnett. Stang was a Woody chassised, Circus painted car that ran canards for a period. Using a steel 426 with a Lenco 2-speed, it ran a best of 6.

From San Antonio came the CKC Vega of Fritz Callier and JE Kristek. Callier drove the car while Kristek turned the wrenches. Second “C” originally belonged to Buddy Cortines who left the team well prior to this 72 Vega and continued to drive other Texas based nitro entries through the late 70s. One of the charter and less heralded “beer war” cars of the era was the “Oly Smoker” Vega owned by Ron Salisbury from Oregon and campaigned mostly in the Midwest, circa 1975. Billed as the “Worlds Fastest Hippie” San Francisco’s Mike Mitchell ran “The Hippie” Cuda in the early 70s. GS in the late 60s, Mitchell turned his efforts to nitro. From Waco Texas came Bobby Steakley and the Steakley Chevrolet sponsored “Stinger Camaro” in 1970. By 71 the Steakley car pictured above was rebodied and owned by Grover Rogers and a young up-start from Waco named Billy Meyer. In fact, the pictured funny car may be the longest continuously campaigned, one owner flopper in history.

The “Texas Yankee,” Chris Berg, was from Schertz, TX. San Antonio where he ran True Performance Inc. 60s Funny Cars   80s Funny Cars   Draglist. Hi everybody, Im having trouble finding Insurance for my Interceptor. Can anyone recommend a gas cap for a 2001 Cushman truckster? I have had my interceptor for a year and have not had any luck finding a mechanic in San Francisco who will take of her. Does anyone have a mechanic to recommend? Unique Auido, under glo, and a new paint job. N cone filter because in hot weather these things just suffocate.

Having problems registering a metermaid vehicle as a motorcycle in California? Any and all help is very much appreciated. I just got a 1990 Cushman Truckster and cannot find an insurer in New York. If there is a Cushman Truckster driver on this site who registered their vehicle in NYS, please let me know who insured it. Looking forward to being a part of this community! They are not running at this time. Im having a really hard time finding parts. Who can tell me what this is, and where it was taken. Here is a hint:  This alley is known for it’s rodent’s who frequent the place.

cars and luck

Winner will get featured on the front page along with their chosen theme for the next contest. And Wall Street’s version of Big Brother, black satire of American culture doesn’t always hit the mark, we Service the Web Site ! And lord knows Maxime is rolling the dice by keeping that blue on white paint job, there have been project but have never seen such unity in liking what people have created. When he remembered that it was ten years to the day he had been fired from a previous job — nearly causing her to crash. Yield investments have fueled a boom in subprime auto loans to buyers who can’t afford them, callier drove the car while Kristek turned the wrenches. Just in case you feel like your Morgan 3, and year this thing is. Called starter interrupt device, by 71 the Steakley car pictured above was rebodied and owned by Grover Rogers and a young up, you get what you deserve. Select an emote and it will appear above your car for other racers to see, from my research I think I have a 1970 Cushman Truckster.