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All the best luck by chen

all the best luck by chen

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Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the Singaporean TV drama. For the Japanese TV drama, see Good Luck! This article needs additional citations for verification. The show aired at 9pm on weekdays and had a repeat telecast at 8am the following day. Music call for this series was announced in 2014. 4-generation family, celebrates her 100th birthday on the first day of Chinese New Year. Widowed in her middle age, she slogged away and singlehandedly raised four sons and two daughters. A life of hardship has made her increasingly stern towards those around her. She is especially harsh on her children. In the eyes of others, Xiangniang is an old lady who is getting cranky by the day.

His parents were killed in an accident when he was still a baby. Shijie was brought up by Xiangniang. He is her favorite grandchild among her brood of grandchildren. Shijie’s unbridled ways, non-competitive nature and carefree spirit captivates Suxian at first sight. Suxian is attentive to details and is thoughtful to others. She has no qualms about putting up a front as long as this does not burden anyone. Although she has divorced Shijie, Suxian remains close with Xiangniang. She is the one who understands Xiangniang’s feelings most. Xiangniang lives in hope that Suxian will reconcile with Shijie.

He enjoys observing people and is good at reading their moods. After years of being away, Jiayuan returns to the family home. He sees in his great grandmother, Xiangniang, a centenarian surrounded by a bunch of money grubbers lusting after her remaining fortune. Xiangniang’s third son, is the boss of a traditional hair salon. Xiaohe is amiable toward outsiders but is domineering when it comes to family members, particularly towards his wife, Zhong Yunxiu who is submissive to him. The couple has an only daughter, Lin Shihui. An outstanding student both in conduct and studies, she joins the working world as an independent-thinking, modern woman. Opinionated and capable, she is savvy in seizing opportunities.

She is employed in an auditor’s firm. Her excellent performance earns the boss’ trust. Liu Xuan is good looking and charming, with an air of maturity. He can strike up a conversation with anyone and projects a mature demeanor. However, he is a boy at heart, and occasionally behaves in a way that raises eyebrows. Despite holding a Masters in Philosophy, he does not pursue fame and fortune. Full of passionate ideals, he gives up a well-paying job as a lecturer in an academy to teach in a Special Education school, helping children with learning disabilities. Liu Xuan meets Shihui and he finds out that she is a former volunteer at an orphanage. Deciding that she is the only girl he will ever marry, Liu Xuan woos her aggressively. In no time, Shihui and the younger Liu Xuan get together.

all the best luck by chen

all the best luck by chen