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All lottery winning numbers

all lottery winning numbers

Pages generated with comma-separated values are specially designed for importing into spreadsheets or lottery databases. The winning numbers database covers all 2426 UK National Lotto draws between Saturday 19th November 1994 and Saturday 23rd March 2019. The winning numbers database covers all 2414 UK National Lottery Thunderball draws between Saturday 12th June 1999 and Tuesday 26th March 2019. Note: For the most efficient utilization of the database, the search time period is limited up to 30 days. Lottery General Information The Colorado Lottery is empowered under Colorado Revised Statute 24-35-201 and all rules contained within the statute define the Colorado Lottery’s powers, responsibilities and duties. Any changes to the current statute governing operation of the Colorado Lottery must be made by way of legislative action. The Colorado Lottery sold its first ticket in January 1983, with Lotto beginning in January 1989, Keno in September 1991 and Cash 5 starting in September 1996 and Perfecto Games in April 1998. The Lottery’s product mix includes three On-Line games, Lotto, Cash5 and Perfecto Games, along with a mix of Scratch games. The Colorado Lottery is a highly computerized operation.

A five-member oversight commission governs the Colorado Lottery, with each commissioner appointed by the governor. Denver, Fort Collins and Grand Junction. Visit Cosmeo for explanations and help with your homework problems! YOUR ODDS OF WINNING ARE AWFUL! This page will calculate your odds of winning. How many correct numbers must you choose in order to win? What is the lowest number you can choose? Today’s draw dates are in red italic. Select a state to view the last drawing results. You can enter up to 10 sets of ticket numbers to find out if you have won.

Lottery General Information The people of Idaho originally voted on the idea of a lottery for the first time in 1986. The initiative was passed by 60 percent, but was later declared unconstitutional by the Idaho Supreme Court. In 1988, the issue was again brought before the voters and passed by 51 percent. The Idaho Lottery and its statute were originally modeled after the Oregon Lottery. There is, however, a primary difference between the lotteries: Idaho is a traditional lottery and has no plans to expand to games that do not represent a traditional lottery. Dividend money is split between the K-12 public schools and the Permanent Building Fund. 275 million to the State of Idaho. Unlike many other state agencies, the Idaho Lottery is self-funding and self-governing. It is composed of the Idaho Lottery Commission and the Idaho Lottery staff. Idaho businesses and, most importantly, our public schools and buildings.

Every time someone plays the Idaho Lottery, we are all winners. Phoenix or Tucson Arizona Lottery offices. How long do I have to claim a prize? Draw game prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the date of the drawing. Once a winning ticket has expired it cannot be redeemed. WINNING NUMBERS FAQ Where can I find past winning numbers? What phone number do I call to hear the winning numbers? For callers outside of the metro areas, call 1-800-499-3798. When are the winning numbers updated on the website? The winning numbers are updated on the website every night after the drawing has been verified.

If the displayed winning numbers appear to be outdated, the website may be experiencing technical difficulties. If you are not seeing the current numbers, contact us. Enjoy the Thrill of Winning with New Scratchers Games! Get Updates So You Never Miss a Chance to Win! Must be 21 or older to purchase or redeem tickets. In accordance with ADA, these materials may be made available in an alternative format. Only JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY winners and prizes will be included with this JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY winning number search result. To include Combo winners and prizes in the search result, please select to Search By: 18 Numbers.